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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drakwald - Resist Fatality review

Band: Drakwald
Album: Resist Fatality
Label: Self Released
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: France
Release Date: 1st Feb 2014

Firstly I should mention that on the band's official homepage they claim to be influenced by, and I quote "Scandinavian Death Metal and Pagan Folk". OK, so I'll give them Pagan Folk, but I hear very little Scandinavian Death Metal on this album. To my ears it comes across as a (brilliantly delivered) cross between Svartsot and Eluveitie - and yes, it is every bit as good as it sounds. There are plenty of nods to the Irish Pagan Metal scene and especially Waylander and Cruachan, yet at the same time this album evokes the (ancient) spirit of countrymen such as Bran Barr and Heol Telwen.

Although their influences are worn proudly on their collective sleeves, Drakwald have recorded an album that positively shines with personality and their passion for the genre is very much evident. A cursory glance at the song titles and it becomes abundantly clear that English isn't the band's first language and to be honest, I think that this just adds to the charm of this superb little gem.

I do, however, have a couple of gripes. For their debut release, you might expect that a band would want to go all out with the presentation to grab the attention of potential punters. Instead, it appears that Drakwald have opted for a forgettable, drab effort. So "nul points" then for the artwork which is irredeemably terrible. This is a real shame as dull, forgettable and drab are words which couldn't be further from describing what this excellent French act have to offer - which is actually a really solid, classy and exciting take on the Folk Metal genre. But my biggest issue with this album - the Eluveitie-aping "Enter in The Den of The Night" aside - would be the running time. It is far too short for an album - clocking in at only slightly over 31 minutes (including an instrumental intro), this is barely an EP, let alone an album and just as you start to really get into it, it's all over. But to turn a negative into a positive, this just gives you an excuse to do as I did and put it on repeat.

Overall though, this is a fantastic effort and a wonderful debut album from a band I am looking forward to hearing a lot more from in the future. If they can follow this up and maintain their momentum, then Drakwald will be a band to watch within the Folk Metal scene. The best Folk Metal band you've never heard of. Probably.

Total Playing Time: 31:42



The Drowning
Let The Slaughter Begin
Diving In The Depth Of Agony
Escape The Claws Of Fate
When Beer's Flowing
Enter In The Den Of The Night
Giant With The Axe
Raise Our Swords
Inhale The Ashes of Honor

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