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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Band: Seneron
Album Title: Order Restored E.P.
Label:SO Records
Genre: Alternative/Grunge
Country: Ireland
Release Date: March 25, 2013

Founded in 2011, “Order Restored” is the second E.P. this alternative/grunge metal band has released. Seneron is quickly becoming a permanent fixture in the Hard Rock/Metal scene, after first taking the underground by gripping force. Straight out of Ireland, Seneron mixes a harsh metal feel laced in just enough dulcet tones that will keep your blood pumping. Metal Trails described Seneron the best, “Hard rock of a different kind.”

This E.P. caught my attention from the moment I pressed play. Their anthem type lyrics and engaging guitar solos brought me back to the sound of early Foo Fighters mixed with dynamic strumming you would expect from Unsung Zeros. The band's biography states,”They combine vitriolic riffery and edgy hooks to create their unique sound.” I could not agree more with that statement.

The two songs that stood out to me most on this E.P. were “Stand Your Ground” and “Just a Kid.” Ivor Ferris (vocals) has an idiosyncratic tone to his voice that powers through the music without being overpowering. John Shields (vox and guitars) transitions effortlessly between heavy, long, power riffs to easy listening type strumming. The drummer ,John Hamilton, makes his mark on the album by standing out periodically throughout every song giving sporadic glimpses into the bands hard rock foundation. I was impressed by how well this three man band melded together so flawlessly.

The track list consists of four songs, clocking in at 15 minutes and 22 seconds long.

1. Please Me
2. Stand Your Ground
3. Dead Stare
4. Just a Kid

I give this E.P. a 7 out of 10. I am looking forward to a full-length album by Seneron.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trivium - Vengeance Falls - Review

Band: Trivium
Album Title: Vengeance Falls
Label: Road Runner
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: United States
Release Date: October 9, 2013

When I was in high school, a friend of mine decided to introduce me to a band named Trivium. Knowing I love brutal riffs and excellent guitar work in solos, he was very confident that I would like the band. He introduced me to the band with the song 'A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation' and when I heard the solo for the first time, I was sold. So after years of being a huge fan of the band, I get the privilege of reviewing their latest album. Lets take take a gander.
This album is produced by Disturbed's front-man David Draimen and he delivers a solid performance. During one song it seems like front-man and rhythm guitarist Matt Heafy was trying to sound like David, which was probably heavily influenced by David. The album starts off with a great opening track titled Brave This Storm. The track immediately sets the pace for the rest of the album that this is a thrash metal album.
Trivium delivers a performance throughout the album that is very "Trivium" in their sound that us fans have come to expect from the group. I was mildly surprised by the new drummer and how well he has clicked into the band and molded his playing style to be Trivium and be that element that doesn't takes away from the group as a whole. Two of my favorite tracks are Through Blood and Dirt and Bone and Villainy Thrives. Excellent lyrics and instrumental work on the tracks and I believe they're the premiere tracks of the album. Matt Heafy primarily sings more and utilizes cleaner vocals than he has in previous albums. Its apparent to see that he and the band have taken a different direction in their sound with their last two albums, but still hold true to what Trivium is.
While the album is a great album it does have it's moments where it sounded like the previous album In Waves, but that feeling only comes around during 1 or 2 tracks and doesn't stick during the entire track which is always a welcome feeling. I hold their Shogun album is the best metal album since Master of Puppets, so my expectations for the band are extremely high. This album is better than In Waves but not better than Shogun, but honestly, Shogun would be extremely difficult to top as it is a masterpiece of metal. If you are a fan of Trivium, you need to listen to this album.

I give the album an 8.5 out of 10.

Track List:

1. Brave This Storm
2. Vengeance Falls
3. Strife
4. No Way To Heal
5. To Believe
6. At The End Of This War
7. Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
8. Villainy Thrives
9. Incineration: The Broken World
10. Wake (The End is Nigh)

(Special Edition)
11. No Hope For The Human Race
12. As I am Exploding
13. Skulls...We Are 138




Monday, December 23, 2013

Fade-Out - Welcome To My Hell -Review

Band: Fade-Out
Album Title: Welcome To My Hell
Label: Fono Ltd.
Genre: NuMetal
Country: Russia
Release Date: June 2013

While listening to the debut album by Fade-Out, “Welcome To My Hell”, I was hoping for something that would shred my standards for the Metal sub-genre Nu Metal. Keeping in mind that bands such as Mushroomhead and Korn paved the way and put up impenetrable road blocks at the end of the road of Nu Metal. I was hoping Fade-Out would give me a  refreshing perspective and annihilate said road blocks. I was sadly mistaken.

Fade-Out is a female fronted band straight from Russia that was formed in 2007. “Welcome To My Hell” the bands debut album, was released in June 2013. This album was first laid out to be a Gothic Metal Album, but after recording a few singles, the band decided to change their style to Nu Metal.

As for the music, I do not know what I could even begin to say, to make this album sound appealing. The only notable song on this album was “Twitch for Threads” and that was a far cry from anything I would recommend to listeners that are already not very fond of Nu Metal. The death growls that were being bellowed above the sounds of a low tuned seven string guitar were oddly similar to Spineshank. If Spineshank could ever possibly sound this horribly produced. “Welcome To My Hell” was the perfect name for this album, because that is exactly what it was, hell to listen to. I am going to predict that this album will stand true to the bands name, and Fade-Out.

Here is the track list. This album clocks in at 00:34:54 long.

1. Fade In (Intro.)
2. Welcome To My Hell
3. I realize
4. Jump!
5. Ultima Ratio
6. Don't Shoot
7. Five Seconds
8. Twitch For Threads
9. Annihilation Tool
10. Five Seconds (Russian Version)
11. Three Colours (Bonus fan-track)

I am going to give this album a whopping 3 out of 10.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bog-Morok Industrialypse Review

Band: Bog-Morok
Album Title: Industrialypse
Label: More Hate Productions
Genre: Industrial
Country: Russia
Release Date: October 2013

This review disc comes courtesy of GlobMetal Promotions <-- FB Link

Since I'm on a run of foreign bands quite a bit lately, especially Russian which is fine by me. And I typically find foreign bands usually have a better sound than most domestic bands most times. Bog-Morok hail from exactly that country as some other bands I listen to like Biopsyhoz, Hammerforce (see that review here ). Anyways since I'm accustomed to the industrial metal sounds of the latter Biopsyhoz  , Bog-Morok hit a sweet note with this reviewer. Granted vocals styles are differnt. But Bog-Morok sound impressive to say the least.

Had to do some research on them, the bio sheet that came with the release was somewhat of a help. They started out as a one man project back in 1997 by Morok wanting to make fast, loud and technically sophisticated music. Anyways, they have 4 or 5 other studio albums. And a live release available for free as well from what I read. They've had numerous line-up changes, musical style changes like so many bands do over the years, which is natural.

Back to the review itself, it has industrial/electronica elements, some mellow moments in it going back to the heavier parts. It has clean vocals in parts, etc. Somewhat in the style of what Fear Factory does, they do share similiar elements on their music styles. And by some chance you aren't familiar with Fear Factory or never heard them... you've been living under a rock sad to say. Time to dig out the metal history books and do some research kids. They also somewhat remind me of a couple of local bands in my area, which the names escape me currently. But it's all good.

Anyways, the music itself sound top notch, guitars are heavy, drums kick ass, bass is heavy when needed. And the soundclips, and keyboard elements fit perfectly where they need to. Vocals are pretty solid and clear. Some are in english, some in russian. They alternate on different songs, are one song then the other. Nothing is drowned out in the mixing/production of this recording. Obviously as technolgy keeps getting better, so do the recordings usually. There's a decent batch that stuck with me, the opening track Industrialypse, track 2 Glisese 581d, Track 4 Niezbezhnost' among a couple of others.

The 12 tracks are as follow, just clocks in just under 55 minutes -

1. Industrialypse
2. Gliese 581d
3. Не Вижу Зла (Stadiae III)
4. Neizbezhnost'
5. Hellstarter
6. Shapeshifter
7. Bloodsucker
8. Свет В Конце Тоннеля
9. Звездопад
11. Undream
12. Der Golem (Fantomas cover)

I give this review, 7 out of 10 stars could of been a little longer in my opinion, it goes by quite fast I think. The somewhat mellower parts don't stand out as much as the rest of the cd in my opinion. Could of kept it heavy throughout I think. But in anycase, for those that like industrial music like this, I would recommend it to them without a second thought. So go check them out, what contact pages I could find are listed below. Enjoy.

Band Contact:


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orchid - The Zodiac Sessions Review

Band: Orchid
Album: The Zodiac Sessions
Label: Nuclear Blast
Country: United States
Release Date: November 18, 2013

Orchid, a well known doom metal band, surged onto the airwaves in 2007 out of San Francisco, California. It is fair to say that Orchid is taking over with crippling force. Their music is reminiscent of some of the greatest names in metal Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. The lyrics from their song “Eyes Behind the Wall,” come to mind when describing Orchid, “You were born to save us from ourselves.” I think it is fair to say that they are fiercely reviving some of the greatest parts of metal, and adding their own influential twist to the genre.  While reading through the bands biography a statement that was made by “Rock Hard’s” Gotz Künemund stated, “I have witnessed the coolest band in many years. ORCHID has managed to blow away everything in their path. They were really the best band and their album Capricorn is a stroke of genius, a superb record that never leaves my player!”

As for their music, I found myself getting lost in numerous head banging sessions. The band has managed to revamp two of their best albums and pull them together onto one awesome compilation. The band compliments each other well. I appreciated the fact that the vocals of Theo Mindell were rarely overtaken by the music. Guitarist Mark Thomas shred through the album leaving me a bit dizzy from his talent. I was stoked by how much he stood out on this compilation, even on some of their slower paced songs. Keith Nickel the bands bass player added a hard rock edge to the music, which I found it to be refreshing, paired with what drum bashing insanity I heard from Carter Kennedy. I have to be in honest in saying I do not have anything negative to say about this album. 

The album clocks in at 01:04:58 long. Here is the track list.

1. Eyes Behind the Wall

2. Capricorn
3. Black Funeral
4. Masters of It all
5. Down Into the Earth
6. He Who Walks Alone
7. Cosmonaut of Three
8. Electric Father
9. Albatross
10. Into the Sun
11. Eastern Woman
12. Son of Misery
13. No One Makes a Sound

I have to raise my horns to Orchid and give this album 8 out of 10.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Album Review : Seventh Swamphony by Kalmah

1.       Seventh Swamphony                05:10      
2.       Deadfall                                03:52   
3.       Pikemaster                                    05:04   
4.       Hollo                                                   07:20         
5.       Windlake Tale                                04:28   
6.       Wolves on the Throne               04:36        
7.       Black Marten's Trace              04:45         
8.       The Trapper                                06:02

“Seventh Swamphony” is the seventh full length by Finnish melodic death metal gods, Kalmah. Again, the band has shown us what it is capable of. The lineup of the album is just amazing. The wonderful combination of heavy vocals , fast heavy guitar solos infused with melodies (keyboard) which go very well with the vocals and the guitars , is something everyone will love to hear all day . Albums don’t come better than this !

Even though the band is still decidedly guitar-oriented: brothers & guitarists Antti and Pekka Kokko continue to intensify their technicality, and Seventh Swamphony slams riff after riff in true Kalmah fashion, pairing exuberant melodies with an abrasive whiff of black metal and a raucous hint of groove. The keyboard solos delivered by Veli-Matti Kananen would make you sit down and listen the whole album again and again. Guitar and keyboard go so well in this album that sometimes you would be confused that solo playing at that moment is on guitar or keyboard.

Most of the songs start with a very melodious tune which just sets the pace , the tune and the mood but when the guitars and the heavy vocals come crashing down you will be amazed how awesome the songs are.  The song ‘Hollo’ has a bit of clean vocals but that really didn’t make much difference to the song. Personally saying the best song of the album was ‘Deadfall’. The amazing melody which goes throughout the song will keep you glued to the song , the vocals and the guitars also do an amazing job in keeping up with melody .

The weak point of the album is the unnecessary drumming the some part of the songs like the ‘Black Marten's Trace ’. The kick drum doesn’t race with the same enthusiasm it did on the last two
Kalmah records, and treble overwhelms the compositions in especially busy sections. Another weak point is that Pekka’s vocals get buried under the instrumentation, and his vocalizations are powerful but all too often unremarkable in terms of tone.

Overall the album is a pretty good album. It’s a skillfully crafted continuation of their previous efforts. The album is really worth listening a hundred times, especially the song ‘Deadfall’.

Rating – 9.5 / 10

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Switchblade - Heavy Weapsons Review

Band: Switchblade
Album: Heavy Weapons
Label: Killer Metal Records
Country: Israel
Release Date: November 29, 2013

Switchblade hails from Israel and so far only two other bands I've actually listened to from that country are Salem and Melechesh which are both top notch bands in my books. Obviously all 3 are different genres from metal Salem being more death/thrash and Melechesh being black metal. Switchblade is more your standard 80's rock/metal band.

As Switchblade's bio says they're not trying to reinvent metal but keep the fires burning of the old 80's styles. Going by what this reviewer's ears pick up it's very apparent. Their singer Lior "Steinmetal" Stein reminds me of a cross of Bruce Dickinson (If you don't know who he sings for, go crawl back under your rock.). Also I hear hints of Michael Kiske from Helloween mixed in as well especially for the higher vocal parts. There are some decent gang choruses mixed in as well. Certainly refreshing to say the least compared to all the death, black and grind metal bands out there.

Far as the music goes, it's classic 80's metal like the above mentioned bands. The music doesn't overpower the singer, though sometimes the singer does overpower the music in the mix, but not by much. Did hear a few riffs that sounded similiar to the band Salem. For those that enjoy the 80's rock/metal like all those diehards that grew up with bands like that. You'll instantly fall in love the tunes, and be dragging out your denim jackets/vests with Priest/Maiden patches strewn about the back of it. Though save yourself some embarassment, leave the denim in the closet/chest you put it in, probably 10 times too small for you now though. The solos, fit in where they should and of decent length, the drummer sounds pretty skilled behind his kit. The bass sound clear, and on some of the mellower/slower songs, has a good sound.

The tracklist goes as follows below. It clocks in at just over 39 minutes. It just about average as most cds goes these days.


01 - Heavy Weapons
02 - Euphoria
03 - Metalista
04 - Lost Lovers Unite
05 - The Lost Kingdom
06 - Infernal Paradise
07 - Curse Of The Father, Sins Of The Son
08 - Into The Unknown
09 - Endless War

I would recommend this album to pretty much anyone that loves the 80's metal. Or to some of the newer fans that want something a bit more modern before I go digging out the older Maiden/Priest collection. Mainly for me, I'd just be lazy, and wouldn't feel digging out my old cassettes of those classic bands. Yes, I grew up in those days of cassettes and vinyl. So bands like Switchblade do make me miss my junior high and high school days. But also makes me realize how old I am too... They will bring back nostalgia for fans. I'd give it 8 out of 10 score.

Band Contact:
Label Killer Metal Records:

Video Clip: