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Monday, December 23, 2013

Fade-Out - Welcome To My Hell -Review

Band: Fade-Out
Album Title: Welcome To My Hell
Label: Fono Ltd.
Genre: NuMetal
Country: Russia
Release Date: June 2013

While listening to the debut album by Fade-Out, “Welcome To My Hell”, I was hoping for something that would shred my standards for the Metal sub-genre Nu Metal. Keeping in mind that bands such as Mushroomhead and Korn paved the way and put up impenetrable road blocks at the end of the road of Nu Metal. I was hoping Fade-Out would give me a  refreshing perspective and annihilate said road blocks. I was sadly mistaken.

Fade-Out is a female fronted band straight from Russia that was formed in 2007. “Welcome To My Hell” the bands debut album, was released in June 2013. This album was first laid out to be a Gothic Metal Album, but after recording a few singles, the band decided to change their style to Nu Metal.

As for the music, I do not know what I could even begin to say, to make this album sound appealing. The only notable song on this album was “Twitch for Threads” and that was a far cry from anything I would recommend to listeners that are already not very fond of Nu Metal. The death growls that were being bellowed above the sounds of a low tuned seven string guitar were oddly similar to Spineshank. If Spineshank could ever possibly sound this horribly produced. “Welcome To My Hell” was the perfect name for this album, because that is exactly what it was, hell to listen to. I am going to predict that this album will stand true to the bands name, and Fade-Out.

Here is the track list. This album clocks in at 00:34:54 long.

1. Fade In (Intro.)
2. Welcome To My Hell
3. I realize
4. Jump!
5. Ultima Ratio
6. Don't Shoot
7. Five Seconds
8. Twitch For Threads
9. Annihilation Tool
10. Five Seconds (Russian Version)
11. Three Colours (Bonus fan-track)

I am going to give this album a whopping 3 out of 10.