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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Switchblade - Heavy Weapsons Review

Band: Switchblade
Album: Heavy Weapons
Label: Killer Metal Records
Country: Israel
Release Date: November 29, 2013

Switchblade hails from Israel and so far only two other bands I've actually listened to from that country are Salem and Melechesh which are both top notch bands in my books. Obviously all 3 are different genres from metal Salem being more death/thrash and Melechesh being black metal. Switchblade is more your standard 80's rock/metal band.

As Switchblade's bio says they're not trying to reinvent metal but keep the fires burning of the old 80's styles. Going by what this reviewer's ears pick up it's very apparent. Their singer Lior "Steinmetal" Stein reminds me of a cross of Bruce Dickinson (If you don't know who he sings for, go crawl back under your rock.). Also I hear hints of Michael Kiske from Helloween mixed in as well especially for the higher vocal parts. There are some decent gang choruses mixed in as well. Certainly refreshing to say the least compared to all the death, black and grind metal bands out there.

Far as the music goes, it's classic 80's metal like the above mentioned bands. The music doesn't overpower the singer, though sometimes the singer does overpower the music in the mix, but not by much. Did hear a few riffs that sounded similiar to the band Salem. For those that enjoy the 80's rock/metal like all those diehards that grew up with bands like that. You'll instantly fall in love the tunes, and be dragging out your denim jackets/vests with Priest/Maiden patches strewn about the back of it. Though save yourself some embarassment, leave the denim in the closet/chest you put it in, probably 10 times too small for you now though. The solos, fit in where they should and of decent length, the drummer sounds pretty skilled behind his kit. The bass sound clear, and on some of the mellower/slower songs, has a good sound.

The tracklist goes as follows below. It clocks in at just over 39 minutes. It just about average as most cds goes these days.


01 - Heavy Weapons
02 - Euphoria
03 - Metalista
04 - Lost Lovers Unite
05 - The Lost Kingdom
06 - Infernal Paradise
07 - Curse Of The Father, Sins Of The Son
08 - Into The Unknown
09 - Endless War

I would recommend this album to pretty much anyone that loves the 80's metal. Or to some of the newer fans that want something a bit more modern before I go digging out the older Maiden/Priest collection. Mainly for me, I'd just be lazy, and wouldn't feel digging out my old cassettes of those classic bands. Yes, I grew up in those days of cassettes and vinyl. So bands like Switchblade do make me miss my junior high and high school days. But also makes me realize how old I am too... They will bring back nostalgia for fans. I'd give it 8 out of 10 score.

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