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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bog-Morok Industrialypse Review

Band: Bog-Morok
Album Title: Industrialypse
Label: More Hate Productions
Genre: Industrial
Country: Russia
Release Date: October 2013

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Since I'm on a run of foreign bands quite a bit lately, especially Russian which is fine by me. And I typically find foreign bands usually have a better sound than most domestic bands most times. Bog-Morok hail from exactly that country as some other bands I listen to like Biopsyhoz, Hammerforce (see that review here ). Anyways since I'm accustomed to the industrial metal sounds of the latter Biopsyhoz  , Bog-Morok hit a sweet note with this reviewer. Granted vocals styles are differnt. But Bog-Morok sound impressive to say the least.

Had to do some research on them, the bio sheet that came with the release was somewhat of a help. They started out as a one man project back in 1997 by Morok wanting to make fast, loud and technically sophisticated music. Anyways, they have 4 or 5 other studio albums. And a live release available for free as well from what I read. They've had numerous line-up changes, musical style changes like so many bands do over the years, which is natural.

Back to the review itself, it has industrial/electronica elements, some mellow moments in it going back to the heavier parts. It has clean vocals in parts, etc. Somewhat in the style of what Fear Factory does, they do share similiar elements on their music styles. And by some chance you aren't familiar with Fear Factory or never heard them... you've been living under a rock sad to say. Time to dig out the metal history books and do some research kids. They also somewhat remind me of a couple of local bands in my area, which the names escape me currently. But it's all good.

Anyways, the music itself sound top notch, guitars are heavy, drums kick ass, bass is heavy when needed. And the soundclips, and keyboard elements fit perfectly where they need to. Vocals are pretty solid and clear. Some are in english, some in russian. They alternate on different songs, are one song then the other. Nothing is drowned out in the mixing/production of this recording. Obviously as technolgy keeps getting better, so do the recordings usually. There's a decent batch that stuck with me, the opening track Industrialypse, track 2 Glisese 581d, Track 4 Niezbezhnost' among a couple of others.

The 12 tracks are as follow, just clocks in just under 55 minutes -

1. Industrialypse
2. Gliese 581d
3. Не Вижу Зла (Stadiae III)
4. Neizbezhnost'
5. Hellstarter
6. Shapeshifter
7. Bloodsucker
8. Свет В Конце Тоннеля
9. Звездопад
11. Undream
12. Der Golem (Fantomas cover)

I give this review, 7 out of 10 stars could of been a little longer in my opinion, it goes by quite fast I think. The somewhat mellower parts don't stand out as much as the rest of the cd in my opinion. Could of kept it heavy throughout I think. But in anycase, for those that like industrial music like this, I would recommend it to them without a second thought. So go check them out, what contact pages I could find are listed below. Enjoy.

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