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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Whitechapel - Our Endless War Review

Band: Whitechapel
Album: Our Endless War
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Deathcore
Country: USA
Released: April 29, 2014

Truly I have nothing to complain about when it comes to Whitechapel's "Our Endless War" album.From the very beginning,the music punches you right in the face!It begins with a short intro instrumental.It sets up the album perfectly then quickly throws you into the heavy,thrash driven title track "Our Endless War."Other tracks that include this new found punishing death thrash style include,"The Saw is the Law","Mono",and "Blacked Out."Obviously we also get a heavy kick of Whitechapel's signature grooves and breakdowns.However,this time around these catchy portions are more like traditional death metal then deathcore.You even get some down and dirty devil growls on the song "Worship the Digital Age."Not only that,but the double-bass and blast beat drumming from Ben is spectacular.More death metal sounds continue on the tracks "Diggs Road",and the limited edition bonus songs "A Process So Familiar" and "Fall of the Hypocrites."I must also mention some progressive parts of the album.The most notable would be on the palm muting song "The Saw is the Law."The less notable elements will come to the one's with a trained ear.There are some really odd time changes,ironically,on the tune "How Times Have Changed",not only in the music but the vocals as well.Also,on the song "Psychopathy" contains a quieter,proggy breakdown in the middle you don't want to miss."Our Endless War" is one of those rare albums where every song has something to offer.This makes it extremely difficult to pick out any stand out tracks.However,if I were forced to pick the one's that I liked best,it would be "Our Endless War","Let Me Burn","Psychopathy",and "Blacked Out."The best song "Diggs Road" kicks off with a solid guitar open that goes into a more traditional death metal groove.The best thing about this song is it has the two best guitar solos and some harmonized guitar.This really gives the song a melodic death metal feel.This is a sound Whitechapel was made for and would love to see them move more in this direction in the future.The fact that album moves away from deathcore helps Bozeman's vocals.This is his best singing to date and allows the fans to understand his wonderful lyrics.If I had one complaint,it would be that the album is a little too short.I wanted to hear more of this intense heavy metal and 10 tracks and 38 mins. just wasn't enough.If you are able,make sure you pick up the limited edition version.This way you get 2 more great tracks.The last bonus song "Fall of the Hypocrites" is end to end growling vocals and blast beat drumming giving the album it's only true end to end death metal song.Whitechapel put out 4 previous albums but "Our Endless War" is by far their best.I would recommend this album to any fan of Heavy Metal.For those of you who are death or thrash metal fans but don't like deathcore,mark my words,you will love this album.Everything about this album is near perfect including the musicianship,vocals,lyrics,and the production and song arrangements.All the songs are full of no nonsence,violent heavy metal.Get all the bad sterotypes of deathcore out of your head and go get this record.You will not be disappointed.

1. Rise
2. Our Endless War
3. The Saw Is The Law
4. Mono
5. Let Me Burn
6. Worship the Digital Age
7. How Times Have Changed
8. Psychopathy
9. Blacked Out
10. Diggs Road

Total Playing Time: 38:51