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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest Review

Band:  Amberian Dawn
Album:  Magic Forest
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Finland
Release Date: July 8, 2014

    In the world of female fronted Metal bands, Amberian Dawn stood out among them with their incredibly talented former singer, Heidi Parviainen and made 4 incredibly catchy albums with her as she fronted the band.  After the “Circus Black” album, Amberian Dawn and Heidi parted ways and the new singer Capri Virkkunen was introduced with an album of previously released songs redone to fit her vocal range.  Now fast forward to 2014 with the release of “Magic Forest”.

    The first song, “Cherish My Memory” gives you a taste of what you’re going to be in for throughout the entire album, which is big, epic sounding and melodic Symphonic Power Metal.  The song has a catchy chorus that you can’t help singing along to (even if you have a bad singing voice like I do).  Capri’s vocals are amazing and haunting.  It sends chills up your spine.  She’s that good.

    The standout track on this album is “Magic Forest”  It’s another song with a catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing along to even after the song is over.  Once again, Capri delivers with her voice that hits you right down to your soul and the song is heavy with epic melodic riffs and keyboards.  You will be banging your head as you listen.

     Even though the album is pretty balanced throughout and Capri delivers on each song, there are some dull moments.  “Agonizing Night” is a song with a slow intro and stays slow and dull throughout the entire song.  “Memorial” is another song that brings the overall tone of an album to a halt with the odd baritone male vocals that just sound silly.

    There is one thing that sets Amberian Dawn apart from all the other female fronted Metal bands and that’s the songs.  They’re upbeat while the majority of other female fronted Metal bands have more Gothic elements.  All of these songs are upbeat and happy sounding and you can’t help but feel good when listening to this album.  That’s what sets Amberian Dawn apart from the rest of the pack.

    Overall, aside from the few duds on this album, Capri’s official debut with new material was a success.  I know I have talked about how amazing and haunting Capri’s voice is earlier but I have to mention it again and how well she fits right in with the rest of the band.  The album may not be perfect, but the album is still killer.

Overall Rating: 7/10

1.    Cherish My Memory
2.    Dance of Life
3.    Magic Forest
4.    Agonizing Night
5.    Warning
6.    Sons of the Rainbow
7.    I’m Still Here
8.    Memorial
9.    Endless Silence
10.  Green Eyed
11   Dance of Life (Bonus Instrumental Version)
12.  Warning (Bonus Instrumental Version)

Total Playing Time:  45:30