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Friday, August 23, 2013

Album review: Tomorrow We Die Alive - Born of Osiris

Alright, first off I want to let you know this isn't gonna be a fanboy review. I have heard the waves of both praise and hate for this album. I dont give a fuck. I know some of you  will disagree with my rating. I'm not pandering to any fanbase. This is my review as a musician myself of 15 years and a music critic. Getting that pretense out of the way lets go on with the album.
   I have followed this band with interest since I saw them on Summer Slaughter Tour back in 08 ( I think) after The New Reign was out. I've been intrigued from the get-go with what their direction of a band would ultimately progress to. Each release seems to point generally to a more pop sensibility without letting go of technicality and ferocity.
    This album is a HUGE jump in that direction. The guitar sweeps are still there. The keyboards are more dominant on this album at least that i can remember which i dig for what they do. Everything from atmospheric to the almost oriental sounding flourishes keeps me interested all the way through listening to this album. Overall this album like each previous release becomes more and more memorable as far as the songs sticking in your head.
  What I hear overall is an agenda and drive in this album that may not be what their fanbase wants ( ala The Faceless but not anywhere that extreme) but its their art. its their baby. and they're obviously proud parents. I would advise you to just give this a listen and make your own choice but I love this album probably more so than anything else they've put out.

RATING: 7.5 out of 10