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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I'm listening to today: Vulture Industries

Today I am listening to Vulture Industries. Hailing from Norway and formed by former members of Enslaved and Black Hole Generator they really have a saucy style of Progressive Metal that seems like the mutated brother-cousin of Jethro Tull, Leprous and more mellow passages of Enslaved that gets kept in the attic and fed fish heads twice a day. 
   Both albums "The Dystopia Journals" and "The Malefactor's Bloody Register" deserve a spin for their merits. I do have to be in a certain mood for this band although what they do, they have perfected it and need to be heard by all prog-metal fans. 
   I won't go so far to say this band is the next big thing in metal but they definitely deserve the chance to be in the same circles as Ihsahn, Leprous and Opeth with similar exposure. It wouldnt surprise me to see them get to that level either. 
  They are not afraid to experiment or explore with their sound and yet they never fall short of writing a passage, riff or chorus that doesnt seem to fit which in itself is no easy task being someone who writes music myself. The vocals venture to eerie cleans to shrieks, yells and everything in between. 
  Enough talk, what do you think?

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