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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Album Review: Self Titled - Conducting From The Grave

I have to thank Mikey Powell first off for being cool enough to let me have access to a private stream of the new release before it drops. That being said let me tell you this motherfucker is a barn burner. Not that there was anything wrong with 2010's Revenants, but this is a huge leap forward to me.
    It sets somewhere in a strange space between what I liked about early Lamb of God, some well executed metalcore fare with a good dose of tech death. When you listen to this there will be no doubt in anyones ability to play their instruments. I do think its gonna take a few listens to fully grow on me though. It's very abrasive and there is a lot of shit going on in each song that takes a lot to soak in similar to this years Arsis or the last Hour of Penance.
      The solos and drums are a million miles an hour. There is pop sensibility in this in that I do remember the songs after I hear them which is a rarity in this genre or mash of genres thereof. P.S. mikey can sing. In the song Signs there is a nice dose of cleans that dont detract and actually enhance the song because he has proper tone and breathing. Into The Rabbit Hole brings this in as well with a nice change of pace in singing over piano which launches back into brutality without flinching.
  Overall this album has a nice pace and I really see them getting a lot of deserved attention. I'll have this on repeat whenever i get my hands on a legit copy so for now my thoughts are....
   Rating: a very solid 8.5/10