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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interview: The Arcane Order

To say I'm a fan of this band would be an understatement. I found these guys a while back and it only took me one listen to hear there was something special here.The Arcane Order features current and ex-members of Raunchy but this is a whole other animal.
   What you find is a band that really knows how to lay down a dense groove in a way I have only heard Strapping Young Lad do. The wall of sound is overwhelming in a way that lots of bands try but few succeed. It's one thing to play fast and mean. It's another thing to know how to properly layer your instruments and not drown out anyone. Hearing is believing so check out my links below. In the meantime this is my interview with lead guitarist Flemming C. Lund:

1) You guys have a very distinct sound. Your influences seem pretty clear but you are clearly in a style in a class all its own. What got you all to land on the style of metal you play today?

I guess it comes down to 2 things: Things that have influenced is during our early years of listening to metal and then playing a style that seems natural to us and feels nice to play. 
    There is nothing more worse than playing some music that somehow feels unnatural to you ­ it will never sound good in the end. I write all the music and grew up listening to a lot of Thrash Metal but also old school Death Metal, so that will always be in my veins. This has been been mixed with newer stuff that I have liked and been inspired by.

2) How is the music scene in Denmark? Do you guys get the best crowd response in a hometown show or is there a particular place that had a great crowd that took you by surprise?

Oh, the scene has been great here for many years.  Some of the greats through out the years are King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Artillery, Invocator, Pretty Maids, Illdisposed and Konkhra and some of the most known bands now a days are Raunchy, Mercenary, Hatesphere, Essence and Mnemic.

   When we have played, the response has been great no matter where, so can’t really there is any place better than other, other than home town shows always rule of course.

3) What bands are any of you listening to right now that may be an underground band you feel deserves praise or a shout­out?

I listen to so much metal all the time, and I listen to many different styles of music within metal, though mainly Death Metal.

   I think the bands I have enjoyed most this year has been Extol, Bone Sickness, Omnium Gatherum, Mercenary, Darkane, FKÜ, Revocation, Aosoth, Disma, Xerath, 7 Horns 7 Eyes,Katechon, Leprous, Tormented, Nekromantheon and others.
    So as you can see there are some pretty obscure metal bands there as well as some more well known. But I really like to find bands that are really underground and not many people know of. I am really not much into the newer american over produced metalcore /deathcore kinda sound.

4) What are your day jobs? Do you have any distinct hobbies outside of metal? (I hear the singer of Amon Amarth drives a bread truck. All I can see mentally is him windmilling his hair driving the truck.)

Kasper K is working as a bartender, Boris is studying, Kasper T is a teacher at a business school, Morten lives of making music and touring with his Swedish band Amaranthe and session work and I work as an e­commerce consultant.
   For me personally I love my job, so being able to combine music and work is just awesome. For me my job is kinda my hobby too, but besides that music really takes a lot of my time. I am a session guitarist with Raunchy and will go on tour with them again in a few weeks, and then I love soccer and watch a shitload of games on TV all the time!

5) Is there a distinct story behind your name?

Well, we needed a new name. We started out as Scavenger but Metal Blade wanted us to chance that name, because there were some other bands back then called Scavenger. So to avoid confusion we agreed.
 So we wanted a unique name, that had a metal­ kind of feel. We were just jamming with a lot of different words and eventually came up with the band name, which we all immediately loved.

6) What is the craziest shit you have ever seen on the road? Any bizarre truck stop or gas station stories?

Well, the fact is, we have only played around 10 shows with the band through out the bands history, so no,there are no bizarre stories to share.

7) What are your plans for the next year? New album? New tour?

Well our last record “In the Wake of Collisions” was released back in 2008, so we REALLY want to get some stuff out! We will record a couple of promo songs since our record deal with Metal Blade has ended. 

   So depending on when we find a new label home, we hope to be able to release a new album late next year, but that is still very uncertain. But count on this: We are not gone and we will return with a new killer album!

Thank you guys so much for your time
and I wish you the best of luck and anticipate whatever you guys do next! ­Loganopolis