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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Massacre Beyond The Within Review

Band: Massacre
Album: Back From Beyond
Label: Century Media
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Florida, USA
Release Date: 2014

Well Back From Beyond is Massascre's first full length since the mid 90's. Where they left off in 1996 with "Promise". To be honest, never really was a fan of Massacre even back in the early days. But this album I do find to be quite good and definitely kicks some ass in my opinion. So certainly happy to add this to my collection to keep me awake and to keep me going when needed.

Musically at times, it hints to the first Six Feet Under disc, maybe that's due to Terry Butler being part of it, and his influence. Also it tends to remind me of the early days of Malevolent Creation as well. But all in all it's quite a heavy disc, with some killer vocals, and riffs. The drumming is great too.


01. The Ancient Ones
02. As We Wait To Die
03. Ascension Of The Deceased
04. Hunter’s Blood
05. Darkness Fell
06. False Revelation
07. Succumb To Rapture
08. Remnants Of Hatred
09. Shield Of The Son
10. The Evil Within
11. Sands Of Time
12. Beast With Vengeance
13. Back From Beyond
14. Honor The Fallen

Time length - Roughly 45 minutes.

Overall, I'd certainly recommend it to new metal fans, especially as a starter in bands that solidified death metal in the early days, and then proceed to have them check out the band's past catalog, and all the other bands from that decade. Certainly give it a solid 8 for a rating.

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