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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Arceye - At First Light review

Band: Arceye
Album title: At First Light
Label: Hostile Media
Genre: Groove / Thrash / Melodic Death Metal
Country: UK
Release date: 5th Aug 2013

The second full-length release from UK Melodic Death Thrashers, Arceye, sets the tone from the very first bars of opener and title track "At First Light" - easing you in with a melodic instrumental passage which then leads to some powerhouse drums, a neck-breaking riff and a stunning guitar solo, reminiscent of the mighty Judas Priest. This really is a masterclass in modern metal and the musicianship on display here is, quite frankly, staggering - from the instrumental "Sirius" complete with acoustic guitars and beautiful strings to the Pantera-esque groove of "The Storm" and the early-90's Sepultura style Thrash attack of "I Silently Wait", there isn't a weak moment to be found.

Musically, an initial, obvious point of comparison would be Lamb of God, but there is a lot more diversity on offer here as the album encompasses a wide spectrum of styles - from occasional Black Metal atmospherics and Thrash riffing to crushing Death Metal, Trad Metal melodies and Groove Metal, er, grooves. The sharp, clear mix, courtesy of Scott Atkins (Cradle Of Filth, Amon Amarth and more) only helps to further emphasise the band's strengths. In short, as a metal fan, you need to hear this album. It is a near-perfect example of what the genre has to offer in 2013. With its effortless balance of heaviness and melody, this album deserves a place in your record collection and I suggest you make a space in your "A" section for it right now.

Why this band aren't better known is a bit if a mystery to me, although I suspect that the lack of attention paid to the band by the UK media and the sheer number of great bands from all over the world vying for the attention of a finite number of fans, certainly both pay their part.

To paraphrase the Spice Girls "...'Light' up your life!" Ahem.

Overall: 8.5/10


At First Light
The Storm
The Longest Drive
I Silently Wait
Brother Disarmed
Prey Forgiveness
Damage Done
The Thirst

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