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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Caliban - Ghost Empire Review

Band: Caliban
Album: Ghost Empire
Label: Century Media
Genre: Metal
Country: Germany
Release Date: January 2014

From reading their CM bio it shows that this is their 5th cd since 2007, and their newest since 2012.

Haven't listened to this band too much, as most of the newer bands on Century Media are more mainstream than most. Now on this advanced version if you will. Caliban seems to be heading that way in my honest opinion. They may not not be to some.. Feel free to blast me if you want, but this is my opinion. At times the music kind of remind me of Denmark's Mnemic back when Michael Bøgballe was Mnemic's original singer. But that's where those similarities end. Also sometimes it kind of hints towards Pantera at the Far Beyond Driven era occasionally too from what my ears pick up.

Anyways, the heaviness of the music is what I'm focusing on mostly. As it's top notch in the guitars/bass and drums. Some technical parts to it ala Fear Factory on occasion gives it an added dimension. They have some catchy riffs, and beats which I enjoy. The mellow/slow parts of the music seem a bit out of place in my opinion, but with any band they're always changing styles, directions, etc. This would of been a perfect release in my book if it stayed at heavy/brutal spectrum to say the least. Musically they sound as tight as any band I tend to listen to, as musicianship is what's key for any band. If you don't have that in a band, might as well give up at the starting gates. Gang choruses seem to be a bit over used, they have their place but really in every song and every couple of verses? I could pass on that.

Track list goes as follows:

01 - King
02 - Chaos - Creation
03 - Wolves And Rats
04 - nebeL
05 - I Am Ghost
06 - Devil's Night
07 - yOUR Song
08 - Cries And Whispers
09 - Good Man
10 - I Am Rebellion
11 - Who We Are
12 - My Vertigo

For newer fans getting into metal and such sure this is perfect for the Hot Topic crowd as I'm sure this is what's blasted in the stores at the malls. But these

I myself would give this a 6 out of 10, as I read elsewhere which I agree with, they're trying to think outside the box, but it's not that far from the box though.

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