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Monday, January 6, 2014

Crimson Blue - Innocence Review

Band: Crimson Blue
Album: Innocence
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Nu Art Metal
Country: Russia
Release Date: December 2011

Crimson Blue hail from Russia they're a good sounding band, although not as heavy as what this reviewer typically listens to. But they'll be going on my list of favorites. If you go to the Jamendo link below they have 3 releases available, this one Innocence (11 tracks), Iceland (5 tracks) and Road to Oblivion (Single - 2 tracks). Anyways the band classifies themselves as Nu Art Metal. It is experimental and sort of avant garde so it might not be for most average listeners.

Listening to the vocals I hear various styles from Evanescence, Kimberly Goss' band Synergy among a couple of others I've heard in the past. It suits the band in my opinion. The music itself is solid between guitars, bass and drums. Also the singer is the keyboardist as well. I'll also add that the way most of the tracks sound, haven't heard anything similiar as of yet honestly so that is a bonus.

The cd clocks in just under 55 minutes for 11 songs, some have ballad parts, others are constant crunchy guitars and kicking bass. The bass sometimes tend to remind me of Primus at times, and Overkill at other times, as it stands outs quite a bit in my opinion and makes it unique sounding. I like the drums on this too, obviously it's not all blast beats, etc unlike others bands I listen to.

I'd certainly recommend this band to others that like different styles of music, and unique sounding bands. I give this 7 out of 10 stars, like I said it's a great cd, but just slightly too mellow, but not so much so that I wouldn't have it in my pile of constantly listened to cds.

Go check them out, support them and enjoy the music.


01 Iceland
02 L.M.A.
03 Clouds
04 Flax
05 Ave Sensorium
06 Nagual
07 Forest (Atonement)
08 H. U. Lab Experiment I - The 6th Sense
09 September
10 Haesitaio
11 Innocence

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Website:  (web browsers will sadly give you a malware warning when you go to that link. So I'd check them out on the other links preferably)