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Saturday, November 16, 2013

WindRunners - Undead Review

Band: WindRunners
Album: Undead
Released: January 2013
Label: Metalism

WindRunners hail from Ukraine, I haven’t heard of them before until now. Then again so many bands out in this extremely huge metal world of ours, hard to keep tabs on every country unfortunately. But as most metal-heads know, least the more open ones. It’s always good to learn about new bands that haven’t been heard of before. As there's so much to choose from for music out there.

So on WindRunners platter we have a cross between old school thrash and power metal mixed together. Not bad at all from what I’m listening to between this and their Lifeless ep and few youtube videos they sent over as well. One of which is below for their track Lifeless. At first listen the vocals on the cd kinda hit the style that Whitfield Crane did back in Ugly Kid Joe. But with more range definitely, Like some bands you have the entire band doing the chorus which is good.

Going by their live videos and their music, definitely a band to keep fans moving and interested in their music. Probably this reviewer getting a bit older, the old school their type of music is a breath of fresh air compared to all the death/grind bands. Granted I love those bands too, but after awhile change is always good. WIndRunners will definitely be a keeper in my collection right next to bands like Warbringer, and other such bands. I give this disc a 7 out of 10.

Tracks as listed -

1. Undead    
2. Lifeless
3. First
4. Time
5. Prisoned in Stone  
6. Eternal
7. Evil Potion
8. Cold as Ice
9. Goodbye My Darling

Definitely give them a listen and support them, energetic band and some good tunes.

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