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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mygrain - Planetary Breathing Review

Band: Mygrain
Album: Planetary Breathing
Released: September 2013
Label: Spinefarm Records

Well here is a band that I have been following literally since the beginning back on Myspace! I will do my best to put bias aside and give the best review I can of this album. If you see anything I post on metalb0x you know I love Melodeath more than most. The fact that I was born in America and not Finland or Sweden is one of lifes great tragedies.
  If you dont like Melodeath this album will not change your mind. If you do partake in nasty double bass layered with keys and a mix of sing screams you should really dig the shit out of this album. If you followed Mygrain they certainly did not reinvent the wheel on this album except in a few places. The bass work has gone up a definitive notch with some pretty sick solos here and there as well. It is pretty refreshing in place of guitar solos in this genre.
The keyboards, while not overly christmassy like COB are still pretty in your face but I find this somehow tolerable in this band. Eve just really knows how to write a synth line IMHO. I'm pretty sure Natural Born Chaos by Soilwork is her writing bible in that regard.
   The rest of the album shines as well. the vocals as always are dead on in emotional delivery. The drums always are great on any Mygrain album.
It boils down to this: if you're a fan of Mygrain get on this shit. You wont be disappointed. If you haven't heard them and are a fan of any band like Soilwork, Children Of Bodom, Norther, Degradead etc you need to give these guys a chance! If you don't like any of those bands this wont change your mind into a new genre.
   This ones for the purists a very solid 8\10.