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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Deicide - In The Minds of Evil Review

Band: Deicide
Album: In The Minds of Evil
Label: Century Media
Country: United States
Release date: November 25

Keep in mind this is a preview/promo version I'm listening to. The good ol' internet and it's vast resources. As everywhere from what I gather the release date is November 25th according to the Century Media's site it's the 26th.  Probably due to Thanksgiving coming up for most retailers, other than Amazon who will have it on the 25th. So go get your pre-orders in for it if you want it asap. Go here for CM Distro -   This cd being their second release for Century Media. And considering I own every other release of theirs, I can't wait to get my hands on the actual version.

The new Deicide "In The Minds of Evil" starts out with a good quote which is so true about politics and religion.  But I'm not delving into those arenas as I avoid both with a passion. But the quote is "Some men just want to watch world burn",  it's true though. Anyways, the cd clocks in just under 37 minutes which is a record I think as most of their cds fall under 30 minutes. Not only do you have the blazing guitars and the machine gun drumming.

On this cd, there's actually some melody mixed in with the music this time on some of the tunes.
Although I've heard melody creeping in since Owens and Santolla signed on. One band I would love to see live, but would require me leaving the state, as they can't tour Massachusetts unfortunately. Sucks though. Haven't seen them hit Rhode Island either oddly enough lately either.

Benton's vocals are still as sick as ever, and I don't see that changing anytime soon at all. Plus he is the band basically besides the drummer Steven Ashiem. Without them, it wouldn't be Deicide. Musically this cd is as brutal as their prior releases and  certainly bypasses some of the releases a few albums before. Granted nothing beats that claymation "Conviction" video, as perhaps the worst video of all time, it was also the funniest (obviously unintentional) in my opinion for music videos. But all their other videos certainly kick major ass.

For me stand out tracks are the title track and last one End the Wrath of God. But they're all good songs with some good music in them. All in all it's another solid Deicide release, and it's good that their not sounding like their earlier albums. Granted I still love "Once Upon the Cross". I think that's mainly due to the amazing artwork on the foldout booklet. If you have it. You know what I'm talking about on the artwork.

There's 11 tracks on the disc, the production certainly sounds clear, though you really don't hear Glen's bass too much unlike some of the older work where his bass would stick out in the mix. Anyways if you want your blasting and semi-melodic anti-christian death metal I recommend with and 7 out of 10 stars. Musically it's killer as always, just lyrically it tends to rehash the same content as prior albums.
They are leaders of the Florida death metal scene along other acts such as Death, Obituary to name some bands. Strangely enough like I read years ago, I'm surprised they haven't retired yet as Mr. Benton said in one interview in the past. But Heck, look at Ozzy he keeps coming out of retirement every year just about. It's the power of metal that draw people back to the folds.


1 In the Minds of Evil
2 Thou Begone
3 Godkill
4 Beyond Salvation
5 Misery of One
6 Between the Flesh and the Void
7 Even the Gods Can Bleed
8 Trample the Cross
9 Fallen to Silence
10 Kill the Light of Christ
11 End the Wrath of God

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