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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adrenaline Mob - Men of Honor Review

Band: Adrenaline Mob
Album: Men of Honor
Label: Century Media
Genre: Hard Rock
Country: US
Release Date: 2/18/2014

What we have here with Adrenaline Mob with their 2nd disc is your standard hard & heavy rock. The opening track which is an instrumental sounds like the ending to the cd honestly. After that exit track, oops I mean intro.. The music itself begins, and what I hear isn't half bad to be honest. Obviously like some discs, you'll have a few clunkers that could of been tossed into a well like old change like the 5th song "Let It Go" should of been one of them.

Anyways, the music itself is crisp and clear and you can hear all the instruments without them being drowned out by one another. To me that's always good as I hate muddy production on any album regardless of music genre. For a roughly 47 minute disc, it goes by pretty fast. As the music sets a pretty quick pace, other than one ballad. The tracks are as follow below...


The Mob Is Back  
Come On Get Up    
Dearly Departed  
Behind These Eyes
Let It Go.mp3
Feel The Adrenaline
Men Of Honor
Crystal Clear
House Of Lies
Fallin' To Pieces

Total Playing Time: 0:46:36

Now I like hard rock as it has that old school feel to me. This does at time as well. Is it on par with say Benedictum's "Obey" cd ( Also it doesn't have the certain kick that say Chrome Division has in my opinion which they're more of a grittier hard rock band as well. Like one place I ran across which I tend to agree, the lyrics on Adrenaline Mob's disc are kind of cheesy at times. Not sure if it was done on purpose or accident. The song "Come One and Get Up".. The main verse starts with saying "I hear you took one in the face"  What should that be a punch or slap to the face? a moneyshot? Just what really. I automatically thought of the latter.. Maybe my mind is just in the gutter but who knows.

But anyways, it doesn't sound like a band that had a former Dream Theater member in it in my opinion. Anyways I give this disc a 6 out of 10.  Like I said it's decent cd, it's worth a listen for those wanting to get more into hard rock and away from the mainstream radio tripe. I love the cover art, granted it's not the most unique though.

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