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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cynic: Kindly Bent To Free Us Review

Band: Cynic
Album: Kindly Bent To Free Us
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: US
Release Date: February 2014

Now I've been a fan of Cynic since their first disc "Focus" was released back in 1993. Which of course got the remastered treatment by the original label Roadrunner Records in 2004... They hail from Florida, but they're not you're every day death metal band from Florida. Back then they had the label "Progressive Death" slapped on them. They are so far beyond that label especially now with their new disc "Kindly Bent To Free Us". They certainly haven't lost their technical edge they've had since the beginning, gone are the growly vocals they used to have. But that certainly doesn't detract from their music. The only band that closely relates to Cynic is fellow labelmates Athiest both are amazing bands and ahead of their time.

Musically their still at the crossroads of a metal and jazz fusion, so obviously they're not for everyone. So yeah, those death metal, black metal freaks and the "Hot Topic crowd" expecting breakdowns, blast beats and all that.. can go jump in a muddy pit elsewhere slamming into each other.

Back to the review, if you like your music technical, and perhaps experimental at times you'll enjoy this disc. The regular edition of the disc falls just short of 42 minutes. The music is crisp and clear, every instrument is clear sounding as it always is. If you want to read up more on Cynic as a whole and on their history visit their Season Of Mist page linked below this review, it's quite a good read.


1. True Hallucination Speak
2. The Lion’s Roar
3. Kindly Bent to Free Us
4. Infinite Shapes
5. Moon Heart Sun Head
6. Gitanjali
7. Holy Fallout
8. Endlessly Bountiful

Total Playing Time: 0:41:51 (before the bonus track)

Bonus track (Deluxe Edition)
9. Earth Is My Witness

Certainly one band I give a solid 10 for, due to their originality, and forward thinking in regards to music. Not many bands can touch the areas that Cynic reach and travel. Honestly at times it's hard to describe their sounds, so it's best just to give them a listen. Pretty sure you'll enjoy what you hear.

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