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Friday, February 7, 2014

Brood of Hatred - Skinless Agony Review

Band: Brood of Hatred
Album: Skinless Agony
Label: Crime Records
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Tunisia (North Africa)
Release Date: March 2014

To start out this review, my geography sucks I actually had to look up Tunisa didn't know where it was honestly. Now I do.. it's part of North Africa. At first I thought Brood of Hatred was going to be one of those cheesy everday generic clone death metal bands that spring out like termites from rotted wood. I was completely wrong on that assumption. But I still enjoy all those cheesy death metal clone bands, so not shooting them down either by any means.

Brood of Hatred have some good and heavy riffs, not to mention quite melodic too. Definitely one of the more progressive death metal bands I've heard lately. Will definitely add them onto my list of favorites to keep in my mp3 player to say the least. Love the heavy bass on this, it doesn't over power like say Overkill or some others, but it does stand out quite a bit. The guitars and drums sound good as well on this, the disc certainly has a live feel to it in my opinion.  Haunting atmospheres abound on this cd, along with some soundclips placed here and there for a good touch of atmosphere. They fit into the music to say the least, which is a good thing to say the least. They have some videos up on their YouTube page scope out the link below as well as the video below.

Like alot of the international bands this reviewer tends to listen to I can always tell the music is much more solid and unique sounding compared to say most US based bands which quite a few sound generic and sound the same. The disc is just shy of 42 minutes, the songs are all a decent length as well.


01 Deconstruction
02 The Mind That Emerged
03 Technological Genocide
04 Cacophony In The Creation
05 The Singularity Is Near
06 Skinless Agony
07 Predestined Suicide
08 Obsession
09 Disbelief Grows

Total Playing Time: 0:41:45

I would highly recommend this band to anyone who listens to say Beheaded, Internal Suffering among other heavy hitters like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, etc. Go check them out, I give this disc an 8 out of 10, could of been longer and I'd of been a happy camper.

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