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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amok - Somewhere In The West Review

Band: Amok
Album: Somewhere In The West
Label: Witches Brew
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Scotland
Release Date: November 2013

Amok hail from Scotland with their brand of thrash which for this reviewer brings back memories of all the old bands I used to listen to Whiplash, Wargasm, Triphammer, Laaz Rockit, Faith Or Fear the early days of Destruction and others great bands. According to their bio, this is their second full length disc, ontop of their 5 demos as well. So with Amok, you'll be jumping in the pit and getting ready to thrash to their tunes. At times their vocalist hits a pitch similiar to Tom Araya from Slayer which if you don't know who Slayer is you need to dig out the history books of metal and learn... Also goes for the bands I mentioned above.  

Hard to pick out a favorite track, as they all sound great, although track 4 "Creature of Habit" hits a sweet spot, and it's true we're all creatures of habit in one way or another some good/some bad. Before I digress, in any case the production on the music is clear and everything pops out at the listener. Certainly no muddy production on this disc to say the least. The disc consists of 10 songs, they're the average 4 to 5 minutes for most. The tracks are as follow below.


01. 1885
02. Somewhere In The West
03. No Faith
04. Creature Of Habit
05. Lawbreakers
06. Uprise
07. Cover Your Tracks
08. Sixty-Eight
09. Make Time To Kill Time
10. Lost Generation

Total Playing Time: 0:46:15

Guitars are crisp and gritty sounding, bass has some kick and of course the drums are pretty killer too. I would definitely recommend Amok to any and all fans of metal, the old school thrashers, even the newer fans of metal and let them know this is how it's supposed to be.

I'd give this disc an 8.

So go check them out at the links below, and buy their tunes, well worth the money. 

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