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Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Venatic

First of all, thank you for the interview!
Thanks for having us!

Let’s get this started! Who am I “talking” with?
We are Venatic, an Alternative Metal combo from Hamburg, Germany.

How did you get together? Like, who started the band and how did it evolve?
Originally, Venatic was founded as a four-piece back in 2003/2004. We then had quite a productive time up until 2009, when our singer chose to leave Venatic as he wanted to go in a different musical direction. Shortly after him our bassist left as well as he needed to focus on his academic studies. So by the end of 2009 Venatic was very much dead! Mark, Peter and Torben therefore took a break from the band and focused on a side project for a while.
Finally, Jonas joined as the new bassist in 2010 and Maik became our singer in 2011. After that it has been pretty much full throttle: We recorded a live EP in 2011 (“Live 2011”) and another studio EP including our first music video, “Dead End”, in 2012. Right after that we’ve locked us into the studio for almost all of 2013 and exclusively worked on the new album, “Catalyst”, that was just released on May 16th this year. We are very glad that we even made it this far as we had quite some obstacles to overcome while recording: The studios we were recording in (Hammer Studios) were completely destroyed in a gigantic fire – just as Maik was in there, recording vocals with our producer, Eike Freese! So not only can we be happy that we have a record to present but we also still have Maik, alive and kicking, and Eike, who has also become a dear friend of us.

Who are the people behind “Venatic”?
Venatic is a classical five-piece band, consisting of Maik (Vocals), Mark & Peter (Guitars), Jonas (Bass) and Torben (Drums). On average the band should be about 28 years old.

What are your influences?
Metallica, Machine Head, Soilwork, Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, Avenged Sevenfold, Staind, dredg

Where does the band name come from?
“Venatic” is an old English adjective meaning something like “related to hunting”. Unfortunately the story of how we came up with it as our band name is very boring: We found it in a dictionary.

Blind Guardian or Kreator?

Scorpions or Rammstein?

Do you earn enough money by just making music or do you have “real” jobs? Which ones?
All five of us have regular jobs: Maik just finished his studies in media technology, Torben is studying medicine, Peter works as an audio engineer, Mark works at a record label and Jonas at a marketing agency.
What was your best live experience?
We just played our release party for Catalyst in Hamburg and are still pretty stoked about it. We had our favorite club completely packed, the crowd went absolutely berserk and we had a very nice (and long!) aftershow party. It was a great feeling to play all the new songs live and get a huge reaction like that from the crowd  - I think we couldn’t have asked for a better night than that!

What are you guys listening to lately?
We really liked the new Killswitch Engage record. The new Mastodon single is great, too.

Have you any hobbies besides the music?
Torben likes to go fishing Apart from that it’s the usual stuff: Going out with friends, sports, concerts…we also have a band tradition to go to Rock am Ring (big ass rock festival in Germany) every year.

What is the metal scene looking like around Hamburg?
There’s a lot to be heard in and around Hamburg: From extreme metal like Negator, death/black like Todtgelichter, Alternative Metal like our friends from Dark Age, Pollywog Chieftain or us – there are a lot of talented heavy bands over here.

What are your plans for the future? Gigs, albums?
Since Catalyst was just released a few days ago we now want to get out there and play as much as we can. We already have a couple of gigs planned and hope there will be many more to come in the coming weeks and months.

Anything you would like to say to your fans or maybe your future fans ?
To all our fans, friends and families: THANK YOU SO MUCH! We a very grateful for the tireless support we have received over the years and especially in the process of making Catalyst. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you for the interview, good luck and keep it heavy \m/

If you wanna check out Venatic after this awesome interview, here ya go: